stem cells in their environment

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alison caldwell




Research Associate


•  Microbiology BSc (Hons)

research project title

'Cell therapy with different fibroblast subpopulations'

core expertise

•  Histology

•  Immunohistochemistry

•  Molecular biology techniques

•  Tissue culture

•  Immunology

•  Contagious cancers


•  'The role of MHC genes in contagious cancer: the story of Tasmanian devils.' Caldwell, A. and Siddle, H. Immunogenetics. 2017; 69 PMID: 28695294 [PubMed]

•  'Demonstration of immune response against devil facial tumour disease in wild Tasmanian devils.' Pye, R., Hamede, R., Siddle, H. V., Caldwell, A., Knowles, G. W., Swift, K., Kreiss, A., Jones, M. E., Lyons, A. B., Woods, G. M. Biology Letters. 2016; 12 PMID: 28120799 [PubMed]