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kif liakath-ali




•  Research Associate

•  wattlab blog editor


•  PhD in Molecular Genetics, University of Cambridge, UK 2011-2015

•  Associateship of King’s College London (AKC) 2012-2015

•  MPhil in Genetics, Institute of Basic Medical Sciences, University of Madras, India 2003-2004

•  BSc and MSc in Zoology, Bharathidasan University (Jamal Mohamed College), Tiruchirappalli, India 1999-2003

research project title

'Phenogenomics of mammalian skin'

core expertise

•  Genome Manipulation

•  Molecular Biology

•  Immunohisto/cytochemistry

•  Cell Culture

•  Confocal Microscopy

•  Human Molecular Genetics


wattlab blog

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[Full PubMed list]

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