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Stitch ‘n Stem at home

01 May 2020

by Jessica Sells, Public Engagement Officer for the CSCRM

For the last two years the CSCRM has hosted a stem cell embroidery workshop, to connect non-specialist audiences with stem cell research through the medium of embroidery.

To date the workshop has been delivered to thousands of people, at large scale public and patient events such as the Guy’s Cancer Centre Cancer Survivors Day event, the Evelina Youth Conference, and at multiple workshops at based at the Centre.

The workshop uses research images generated by scientists in the lab, which have then been translated into beautiful embroidery templates. Workshop attendees all learn about stem cell research while learning a new skill, and chat openly with CSCRM scientists in a relaxed environment.

Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with attendees enjoying the calming stitching and coming away with new knowledge and insight to the world of stem cells.

We have created a downloadable pack of instructions to share the workshop with people at home! We’d love to see your creations, so please share your images on social media and tag us or use the #StitchnStem hashtag so we can see your stem cell art!


(PDF, 13.7MB)

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