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Lockdown Stories – Priyanka Bhosale

19 May 2020

by Priyanka Bhosale, Postdoc

In the wake of Covid-19, the lives of people around the world have been turned upside down. Researchers at the CSCRM are no exception, and all our staff are experiencing lockdowns very differently. The Lockdown Stories series aims to share the unique stories of individuals from across the Centre; what they are finding tough, positive, inspiring or even scary; and how each person is facing different challenges which are impacting their lives and work, and how they think their lives will be changed when the worlds opens up again...

For this instalment Priyanka Bhosale, Post-Doctoral Researcher in Prof. Fiona Watt’s lab, shares the highs and lows of her lockdown experience so far. She talks about how she’s been dealing with productivity issues and anxiety by taking on new culinary skills and practicing Bollywood dancing. And the importance of keeping in touch with family and friends.

"Stay Safe and Keep Smiling!"

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