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Growing new body parts’ at home

21 May 2020

by Aimee Cheesbrough

As part of our preparations for the Royal Society Summer Festival, we have been busy making and testing material for our ‘Growing new body parts’ stand!

Scientist at the CSCRM are interested in how Stem Cells work, and how they can be used to treat disease. Stem Cells can be combined with implantable biomaterials, which can be used to repair damaged organs in the human body.

A biomaterial is any material that interacts with a biological system, such as the human body. Implantable biomaterials are often soft and flexible, similar to your own body parts. They can be combined with the patient’s own cells to help them recover better and quicker!

The CSCRM is always keen to bring our research to non-specialist audiences, and to connect with aspiring future scientists. Our most recent workshop saw primary school students make their very own ‘Biomaterial’ using SLIME. The workshop was so successful, we were more excited than ever to bring it to this years’ Royal Society Summer Festival.

Whilst the festival has unfortunately been postponed for now, we thought we’d bring the activities direct to your home!

Why not try making your own ‘Biomaterial’ Slime?! Download our printable resource below which tells you exactly how.

We’d love to see your creations, so please tag us in your social media posts. You can find us at:

Facebook: @CSCRM
Twitter: @KCLStemCells
Instagram: @KCLStemCells

Don’t forget to hashtag: #GrowingNewBodyParts


(PDF, 1.3MB)

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