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London International Youth Science Forum Visit the CGTRM

17 August 2022

The London International Youth Science Forum (LIYSF) is a two-week science summer camp for students aged 16-21 from around the world. During the summer camp, students visit world class laboratories and science universities. In the first visit to the department since 2019, ten LIYSF students had the opportunity to jump into an immersive experience with some of our researchers and technical staff.

Researchers discover a new receptor regulating sebaceous gland progenitor cell function

29 June 2022

Stem cells and progenitor cells play an important role in the renewal of multiple tissues. Dr Kalle Sipilä, based in Professor Fiona Watt´s research group in the Centre for Gene Therapy & Regenerative Medicine, has discovered a molecule called embigin on the surface of epithelia progenitor cells and proven its significance to sebaceous gland function.

Fiona Watt & Alice Vickers on Stem Cell Report Podcast

9 November 2021

Professor Fiona Watt and recently graduated Alice Vickers joined the Stem Cell Report Podcast with Martin Pera to talk about uncovering the relationship between genetic variants and cellular behaviour. They recently developed a platform to quantify iPSC differentiation propensity to investigate the genetic contribution to phenotypic variability.

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