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Jess Sells

Jess is the Public Engagement Officer at the Centre for Stem Cells & Regenerative Medicine and Project Lead for the Centres involvement in the Royal Society Summer Exhibition 2021. Originally trained as a Lab Technician, Jess fell in love with science communication and bridging the gap between science and the public.

Whilst working at the CSCRM has facilitated the engagement of over 100,000 members of the public with research in a wide variety of methods, including school visits, interactive workshops, large scale public events, public facing podcasts and science-art exhibitions to name a few. Jess is very excited to see how participants respond to the interactive activities that have been created by the team, and hopes that they spark passion and inspiration for the field of stem cell research and beyond.

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Aimee Cheesbrough



Dr Priyanka Bhosale


How can stem cells heal the human body?
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