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Women in Science

Fernanda Suzano

My name is Fernanda Suzano, I am a senior technician at Prof Fiona Watt Lab in the Centre for Gene Therapy & Regenerative Medicine. I am originally from Sao Paulo- Brazil, I moved to London in 2012 after finishing my master’s degree in Biotechnology of Medical Plants and Microorganisms.

After a challenging master’s degree, I decided not to pursue a career in academic research but my passion for science persisted and I wanted to continue to work in the field in a different way. I moved to London partly as an adventure and partly to pursue a career as a laboratory technician, hoping to one day manage a lab. Following this path allows me to stay in the laboratory environment, surrounded by brilliant people, including many great women. Unfortunately, I have encountered challenges progressing in my field as I have only seen British men in higher management positions despite the majority of technicians being women. It can feel as if there is no assistance or interest in developing your career. 

At the start of 2022, I moved into the Centre for Gene Therapy and Regenerative Medicine. I have been incredibly lucky to work with amazing women during this time. I take a great deal of inspiration from the head of the Watt Lab, Fiona Watt, in particular. Despite her high standing in the scientific community, she is very humble and ready to help you. She has cultured an understanding and inspiring community, particularly for the women in the lab who she is an advocate for. The scientific community would benefit from more women like her.



A Photography Collaboration

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“If you want science to move forward, you have to share it”

EMBO Director Fiona Watt discusses preprints, data sharing

By Victoria Yan, EMBO
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